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|| Recent EditAid Projects || Screenplay Analysis - Model and Outline theses (for Writing Program - Full Sail University) ---- BIO-RESEARCH PAPER - Gene pool study for faculty member of the Estonian Biocentre, Estonia ---- SCREENPLAY TREATMENT - SciFi adventure treatment (for Full Sail Writing Program) ---- SURVEY PAPER - Genetic variants research study by faculty member Dept. of Biomedical Sciences (Sri Ramachandra University - Porur, India) ---- CITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT - Report and analysis of new Chinese mainland Eco-city by faculty Ph.D. (University of Oregon-Portland) ---- SCREENPLAY - Action thriller of the rise and fall of a CIA-funded assassination squad ---THESIS - Master's Degree research study on the planning of wireless parks in urban environments (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) ---- SCREENPLAY - Action thriller of a amnesiac in search of a woman he doesn't realize is his wife --- DISSERTATION - Cornell University Ph.D. research on growth management under various forms of local government --- FANTASY NOVEL - Part I of an epic tale of gods, kings and warriors in their struggle against forces of the dark world ---- NOVEL - A romantic tale of a French-American girl and her life in New York City --- -RESEARCH ARTICLE - A worldwide stock market research paper for faculty of the University of Rotterdam Finance Dept. ---- SCREENPLAY - A true story of a Black Southern man facing discrimination in a federal agency ---- SHORT STORY - A supernatural tale of a young man returning to his old neighborhood to face denizens of the River Styx ---- SCREENPLAY - A very different Vampire tale set in a modern American city  ---- NOVEL - An epic fantasy of elves, giants, fairies and unicorns ---- SCREENPLAY - A suspenseful drama of a WWII Jewish soldier - an ESL Final Draft project ---- TRAVEL BOOK - A work on the history, philosophy & worldwide adventures of travelers  ---- JOURNAL PAPER - Joint research on stock market anomalies by faculty members of Erasmus University, Rotterdam & Department of Finance, Massey University NZ ---- SHORT STORY - An original Christmas tale of 26 pages ---- BOOK PROPOSAL - Non-fiction project for published New Orleans author ---- THESIS - A Study of the China A Stock Exchange - Graduate ESL project (Massey University, New Zealand) ---- JOURNAL ARTICLE - An ESL local hero piece for entrepreneurial program (Princess Sumaya University for Technology-Jordan)  ----  ARTIST'S STATEMENT - Gallery announcement for New York City-based artist ---- WEBSITE COPY - Editing of new web pages for outreach program for relief in Ghana ---- NON-FICTION BOOK - On the history and practice of the Noahide Laws ---- ABSTRACTS - IT theory investigating the virtualization of enterprise integration ---- ECONOMICS PAPER - A research work on networks communication & gameplaying - jointly authored by faculty members of the University of Rome, Stockholm School of Economics & Massey University Auckland ---- NOVEL - A fictional life of Jesus of Galilee by prize-winning Ghanian author (published by Heinemann-London) ---- IT PAPER - ESL writer based in Singapore explores technical aspects of the metaphysics of architecture ---- NOVEL - An original ESL adventure  introducing environmental issues in an entertaining form ---- SCREENPLAY - A first script of 120 pages - the first part of a 3-part Epic trilogy ---- DISSERTATION CHAPTERS - For ESL Political Science Ph.D. candidate ---- NOVEL - A new work by a published Author and Screenwriter (Produced by Carl Reiner) ----- PROJECT STUDY (APA Style) - Central Queensland  University,  Australia in Conjunction with Singapore Maritime  Academy - ESL abbreviated Dissertation ---- STUDENT PAPERS -  U. S. Army War College ---- DISSERTATION - Curriculum  Education Ed.D. for  published McGraw-Hill Author ---- PERSONAL ESSAY - Graduate school application autobiography ---- THESIS (PANNASASTRA UNIVERSITY,  CAMBODIA) - ESL thesis for International Relations graduate  specializing in the United Nations ---- NOVEL - A first work  exploring alternative  lifestyles ---- DISSERTATION PROPOSAL -  ESL insurance industry study for Business PH.D. candidate ----  PROMOTIONAL BROCHURE - California Interior  Design service --- ACADEMIC ARTICLE - Finance paper on momentum in AU-NZ stock markets by professor of economics (Massey University NZ) ----  DISSERTATION -- Seminary D.D. for published  religious author ---- JOURNAL ARTICLE - For Co-Graduate  Student/Professor -  National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan ---- POEMS - For London-based special needs children's poet

Professional  Proofreading and English Corrections for your

Overview of Edit Process

(1) SEND your document in full or 1st five pages (with total Word Count) for price quote.

(2) PAY in full or 50% agreed billing using PayPal or by Check, M.O. or Wire Transfer.

(3) Your project will be Proofread and Edited and returned in both Clean Copy & Compare.

Lawrence, your editor-proofreader, is a writer and former Composition-Literature professor. He will Polish your project for reading flow, Correct grammar and usage errors, Tighten wording, and Suggest improvements for both native English and International-ESL writers. To date, several hundred EditAid projects in all genres and by authors on every continent have been completed. You may link to "Client Comments" in the below table to read unsolicited client  testimony for many of these completed projects.




The fee for editing services will depend on a) whether your project is lightly or heavily erroneous in the areas of spelling and grammar; b) whether it is straight copy or referenced academic work with various sections; and c) whether it is a "rush" job that you request be completed in a brief timeframe. All project fees are based on the word count for the total project which is then divided by the number of  "pages," with a page being defined as an average "MS Word" double-spaced document of 250 words per page.

   All fees for projects of over 100 pages decrease by $1.00 per page for each hundred pages after the first 100. On average, the "page" fee range is US $3.00 to $4.50 per page (for the first 100 pages) depending on the factors above. Very short projects and commercial copy will have a somewhat higher per-page fee. The fee for projects of more than 50 "pages" may be paid in two 50% payments at the beginning and completion of the edit. All projects are pre-paid by PayPal, Check/M.O. (for US clients), or Wire Transfer.

   Once you have received a quote for your project, the total fee will not change. Every other project for returning EditAid clients will receive a 10% discount.

Dissertations and Theses, which must meet strict guidelines, are corrected for English as well as "mechanics" (format and reference details). No "rush" edits for long referenced works are offered. These are generally accepted 3-4 weeks or more prior to your deadline for you to "finalize" your work. However, individual sections of these works can be accepted on shorter notice. Referenced works are done using your precise Supervisor/Committee requirements. It is essential that the work be fully drafted prior to sending and in shape for an edit; keyboarding of copy beyond suggested or "clean copy" corrections is not offered. Prior to scheduling, please send Lawrence a copy or list of specific requirements or called-for changes as well as the total document to expedite your fee and determination of format and citation validation).

Technical Works such as Science, Medicine and Law are accepted for grammatical and "flow" editing, but Lawrence is not an expert in the jargon of these fields and recommends peer review prior to final submission of these works.

For writers of Fiction and Screenplays, your grammar and "voice" consistency issues will be questioned and changes suggested if needed, but never the thrust or content of your stories or chapters (e.g., obviously deliberate misspellings in character dialogue etc. will be left as they are). For long fiction and screenplay manuscripts, it is helpful to the overall editing process if you send a one-page Synopsis.

The turnaround time for editing is prompt, as you may be under time constraints. Once scheduled, you can expect a 200-page non-referenced work, for example, to be completed within seven to ten days, then emailed (or mailed in disk form) to you upon confirmed final payment.

Submitted works will preferably be in MS WORD (.doc or .docx) format, though RTF, HTM, TXT and PDF documents are also accepted as well as FINAL DRAFT (FD 7 or 8)  or MOVIE MAGIC 6 for screenplays. If you wish, your completed edit can be converted to any of these styles at no extra charge. Manuscript drafts are optimally made with MS WORD (any version) drafted on double-spaced 12 pt. "Courier New", "Times New Roman", or "Cabrini"  font pages. This is the preferred working format for most professional or student writers. All paper, novel, or short story  clients are encouraged to obtain or have access to any version of MS WORD  in order to see the COMPARE copy which is also returned to you, showing all suggested changes in RED with marginal note on the change made in order to finalize their work after the edit in the quickest time. Note: The above refers to Clean Copy editing, which is usually the quickest mode for returning your polished projects.

Clean Copy Edit: This editing style is useful for most writers, but particularly for highly erroneous documents or when there is less time for the author to "finalize" their writing projects, which normally need close comparison to the original to analyze the small and large grammar and wording improvements that the pages may require. This may be accomplished most quickly in MS Word Tools' "Compare and Merge" function, which clearly shows in red each and every suggested modification to your original draft. In Clean Copy editing, Lawrence makes all essential grammar and style correction/improvement suggestions and returns your work as a "CLEAN COPY" final draft (any notes or questions on your meaning, if not clear from the context, will in addition to edited copy be returned to you in a separate Notes.txt document).  You will also receive the "Compare" manuscript showing all suggested changes to your original in red, so that your final revision can be done relatively quickly. A sample of an edited MS Word CLEAN COPY and COMPARE fiction passage may be found Here (Press back button to return). Having sufficient lead time to compare your original to Lawrence's polished draft is highly recommended.

In the editing process, Lawrence will not change technically acceptable wording but may instead suggest more appropriate or consistent-with-style words or concise sentence structure as well as noting punctuation or other English errors.  In the "Comments" editing style, no changes of any kind are made to your master document; instead, a Word "Comments" BOX will be seen in right margin showing the suggested changes to the right in line with  the selected copy requiring a change or change suggestion. If choosing the Comments -style edit, you would then right-click and delete each Comment as you go. Comments are visible in Word both in the right margin and the Reviewing Pane at bottom of page. The "Comments" editing style  requires a great deal more time to "finalize" for the author, but is useful in seeing persistent errors in English grammar. Authors are encouraged not only to safely retain their original draft for comparison but to allow enough lead time (prior to publisher, Committee, or Supervisor deadline) in order to make a case-by-case finalization reading of their work to consider  the suggestions made in Lawrence's completed polish; this is particularly true if Word "Comments" are used, as in this editing style no changes have been made to the original until you make them.

After being scheduled, your work may be sent either by email attachment to Inbox@EditAid.com  or by U.S. Mail /Fedex on diskette/CD.  If payment is by U.S. check, money order or Wire Transfer  rather than by credit/debit card on PayPal.com, please contact Lawrence for payment details.

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